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  • adv. In a hedonic manner.


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hedonic +‎ -ally


  • The appreciation of an older wine taste profilebringsmy old philosophical dilemna; do people do not like a given wine (old or not) because it does not meet their frame of reference (It is not sweet as it should be, it is not oaky as white wine should be, etc …) OR do people do not likea givenwinebecause hedonically it is unpleasant (ie it truly taste like hell to them).

    Australian Riesling – Can it age? – Grosset, Steingarten and Leo Buring | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • I suggest the government hedonically adjust jobs to show that people are making more money than ever.

    Grossly Distorted Procedures

  • The logical conclusion is we need to hedonically adjust wages.

    Grossly Distorted Procedures

  • If we did not hedonically adjust our GDP for subjective quality improvements our "growth" would not be anywhere near as strong as it looks.

    Grossly Distorted Procedures

  • To the best of my knowledge the US is the only major country that hedonically adjusts its GDP.

    Grossly Distorted Procedures

  • While we are on the subject of distortions, how long will it be before we hedonically adjust wage growth?

    Grossly Distorted Procedures

  • Next, the GDP has many elements that are hedonically adjusted.

  • For instance, computers are hedonically adjusted to account for the idea that, because they are faster and more feature-rich than in past years, they must be more additive to our economic output.

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    craigslist | computer services in chicago

  • Oh, and somehow, the decrease in quality does not get hedonically adjusted when it raises inflation.

    Bend Blogs


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