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  • n. A genus of monocotyledonous petaloid plants, belonging to the natural order Scitamineæ (Zingiberaceæ), tribe Zingibereæ, characterized by a terminal spike or thyrse of flowers with narrow elongated filaments and unappendaged connectives to the anthers.


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  • Our knowledge of At the fi nal stage, the prescribed quantities of these writings of Mithridates (Watson, 1966) has 55 herbs, previously prepared by various pro - come down to us in the writings of Pliny and cesses, along with the prescribed quantity of squill Galen, as the translation by Lenaeus has been lost. and viper fl esh powder (48 drachms), were added Pliny writes: to hedychium, long pepper and poppy juice (all at 24 drachms); 8 herbs including cinnamon and By his unaided efforts Mithridates devised the plan of opobalsam (all at 12 drachms); 18 herbs including drinking poison daily after fi rst taking remedies in myrrh, black and white pepper, and turpentine order to achieve immunity by sheer habituation.

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