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  • n. Plural form of hee-haw.


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  • Owns a family farm, too – he'll fit right in with the hee-haws in the Tea Party.

    A top House Republican to endorse Rubio

  • He's every bit the braying jackass his constant "hee-haws" suggest he is.


  • But would someone point out a solution offered in these Republican hee-haws about higher joblessness?

    Republicans Rejoicing with More Americans Jobless?

  • A God that guffaws with geraniums, chuckles with chihuahuas, hee-haws with hibiscus, tehees with turkeys, giggles with giraffes, howls with hyenas, convulses with carnations, whizgigs with walruses, and chortles with chimps.

    powerofrock Diary Entry

  • Why, he swallowed all the moldy old bunk yarns they passed over, and when they couldn't hold in any longer, and just let loose the hee-haws, he took it good natured, springin 'that kind of sad smile of his on 'em, and not even gettin' red around the ears.

    Odd Numbers Being Further Chronicles of Shorty McCabe

  • But criticized the Universe with hee-haws loud and deep.

    The Poems of Henry Van Dyke

  • The boys all glanced at my face and made merry hee-haws at my cost.

    Botchan (Master Darling)

  • If to laugh the King was minded, out they burst in loud hee-haws.

    Rebecca and Rowena; a romance upon romance

  • If to laugh the king was minded, out they burst in loud hee-haws.


  • Friday Mr. Paisley doesn't take himself particularly seriously, although he's a formidable guitar player, and his rollicking country songs are goofy affairs, riddled with pop cultural references and broad hee-haws.

    NYT > Home Page


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