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  • Provided with a heel or a heel-like protuberance.
  • Shod: usually in the slang phrase well heeled, well shod, conditioned, or circumstanced: applied to a player at cards who has a good hand, to a person who possesses plenty of money, or to a man who is well armed.

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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of heel.
  • adjective Having a heel (often specified, as in high-heeled etc.).
  • adjective archaic Prepared, especially armed with a weapon.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From heel.


  • The Widow Weld was a musical-comedy sort of widow in French-heeled, patent-leather slippers and girlish gowns.

    Half Portions

  • I expect to die in French-heeled pumps and embroidered silk stockings and the finest, silliest silk things ever put in a show window to tempt the soul of a woman.

    The Trail of the White Mule

  • These people could relax and give themselves up to enjoyment because they were "heeled" -- as a boy lieutenant slangily put it -- to

    Poor Man's Rock

  • Pretty well "heeled," they took a course nearly due east, and in the direction of the Pan Handle of Texas.

    The Authentic Life of Billy The Kid

  • In this way it was difficult to know whether a man was "heeled" (armed) or not.

    Ranching, Sport and Travel

  • The three men at the table, although they were "heeled" with. 45s, were of a different type.

    Kid Wolf of Texas

  • The prospective corpse was not "heeled," as he was not in any feud just then, and was not expecting trouble, but he knew that he would have to act, and quickly, by his wits, or he would be shot, and he turned on the fellow and said carelessly:

    Documenting the American South: The Southern Experience in 19-th Century America

  • Miss Gaskett "heeled" Wallie with flattering faithfulness and incidentally imparted the information that a friend from Zanesville,

    The Dude Wrangler

  • Mulberry Street was wont to adjust its differences over the cards and the wine-cup, it came "heeled," ready for what might befall.

    Children of the Tenements

  • Her stripling brought an armful of aged sheet-music from their room, -- for this bride went "heeled," as you might say, -- and bent himself lovingly over and got ready to turn the pages.

    A Tramp Abroad


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