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  • n. A two-dimensional raster image used to store surface elevations that can later be applied to a three-dimensional object.


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height +‎ map


  • Procedural generation of a piece of a heightmap and textures, GLSL texturing and lighting effects and water simulation.

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  • Subject: Programming Tags: fluid simulation, heightmap, partial differential equations, perlin noise, simplex noise, terrain generation, water simulation, wave equation Leave a Comment »

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  • This completely automatic process works by picking a set of polygons which approximates the shape of a very high resolution heightmap.

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  • · Octree scene manager plugin which includes a basic heightmap loading scene manager.

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  • Fixed crash on. tga heightmap import when file does not exist

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  • He also created a texture blender and heightmap editor, these two tools are both used for editing the landscape object.

  • This heightmap array (plus the player's position, speed, and

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