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  • v. Present participle of helicopter.
  • n. transport by helicopter


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  • So I've been following up the idea of helicoptering the turbines in.

    A view from Rural Wales

  • It seems again like the parents might be "helicoptering" or what ever you'd call it "my little one can't handle this" when in reality it is them who feel finicky about the whole deal or just plain confused about why they choose to eat meat.

    A lamb to the slaughter

  • While Gibbs writes about the over-pressured and pressuring parents "helicoptering" over their kids 'every move, she ignores the need adults and children have for deep levels of attunement.

    Carol Smaldino: Parenting: Grazing With Our Kids, Attachment Not Allowed

  • Half engage in "helicoptering," hovering over their children to mediate conflicts with peers and professors.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • The hovering parenting style was first named "helicoptering" by authors Cline & Fay in their book

    Positive Psychology News Daily

  • He described a stray coil of my hair as "helicoptering" across his computer keyboard. Top Stories

  • But who seriously thinks that Tennessee Harold Ford, who owes any office he has ever held to the “Jr.” after his name can help solve that problem by helicoptering into a Senate seat with no better rationale than “the incumbent is vulnerable and I want the job”?

    Matthew Yglesias » Ford Out; Kaus In?

  • PaulBlu: Christie said to consider helicoptering and driving, but not running, for the Republican nomination.

    HUFFPOST HILL - What Is It With Republicans And Air Traffic Controllers?

  • This is, after all, the same 22-year-old who played two gigantic shows on New Year's Eve, performing in Niagara Falls then driving across the border, catching a private plane to New York and helicoptering to the venue for a 2 a.m. set time.

    Spinning Against Hunger

  • Judith Warner, who wrote a bestseller, "Perfect Madness," about the helicoptering Mommy trend, wrote "No More Mrs. Nice Guy," in the New York Times:

    Story pick: Roaring about the Tiger Mother


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