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  • v. Present participle of heliograph.


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  • And though they had been swept from the world, in my mind they still stood, vivid and heliographing in the sun, superimposed on the current setting.

    Robert Lanza, M.D.: Why You're Alive and Can Never Die: The Larger Scientific Picture

  • It was a dimensionless point of light, as if a star had been clawed from the sky by one of those cruel peaks, and I imagined that some smooth rock surface was catching the sunlight and heliographing it straight into my eyes. » Post Topic » The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke

  • From this, Harry had decided, they should be able to get the view they required and so locate the second heliographing station.

    The Boy Scout Aviators

  • Our heliographing instrument did excellent service sending flashes from the cliff to the island, but we couldn't make it work very well sending messages from the island to the cliff, because we had to face almost due north, and then the sun was nearly always at our backs and couldn't shine squarely on the mirror.

    The Scientific American Boy The Camp at Willow Clump Island

  • Stelton thought for a moment that there must have been an outbreak from the near-by Wind River or Shoshone Reservation, and that the Indians were heliographing to one another.

    The Free Range

  • In his work as engineer he had had occasion to study up Morse in heliographing.

    The Cruise of the Dry Dock

  • Light signals, rockets, heliographing, were of small avail through the dust -- and smoke-clouds.

    Now It Can Be Told

  • The glitter of those bursting shells stabbed through the smoke of their explosion with little, twinkling flashes, like the sparkle of innumerable mirrors heliographing messages of death.

    Now It Can Be Told

  • Flag-wagging and heliographing were out of the question.

    Now It Can Be Told

  • The play of the lightning was incessant, and with every flash the little lakes shot back their white reflection, and distant farm window-panes seemed heliographing to each other through the night.

    Dennison Grant: a Novel of To-day


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