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  • n. The study of the propagation of pressure waves in the Sun


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

helio- +‎ seismology


  • The study of the Sun using sound waves is called helioseismology, because it is much like the use of seismic waves to study the interior of the Earth.

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  • It was, in effect, an achievement in what solar physicists call helioseismology.

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  • This technique, called helioseismology, is similar to how scientists study seismic events like earthquakes on Earth.

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  • Hill, together with Rachel Howe, who is also at the NSO, employed two primary instruments in a relatively new science called helioseismology that traces sound waves to reveal conditions in the Sun's interior.

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  • Rachel Howe and Frank Hill of the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Tucson, Arizona, used a technique called helioseismology to detect and track the jet stream down to depths of 7,000 km below the surface of the sun.


  • The advent of helioseismology has made it possible to probe the solar interior and watch these flows evolve as the cycle progresses.

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  • In particular, he pioneered solar observations using helioseismology, becoming the first scientist to set up a telescope and observe the sun for 120 continuous hours from a single point on Earth.

    Martin A. Pomerantz (12/17/1916 - 10/25/2008)

  • Solar rhythm: The sun rings like a bell, and that has inspired the new science of helioseismology.

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  • The resulting 100-plus hours of continuous solar observations set a new standard for helioseismology -- the study of "sunquakes" and the sun's internal structure.

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  • There is a new article on helioseismology this week in Science Daily.

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