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  • n. Plural form of heliostat.


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  • The plant consists of 30 heliostats (mirrors) that track the sun and direct its rays up to the 30-meter tall tower, where all the sunlight from the heliostats is concentrated.

    World’s First Hybrid Solar Power Plant Opens in Israel | Inhabitat

  • BrightSource Energy, with operations in Israel and in California deployed their technological innovation to develop a system that uses thousands of small mirrors called heliostats to reflect sunlight onto a boiler atop a tower to produce high temperature steam.

    Sharona Justman: Reaching Across the Global Aisle to Produce and Deliver Clean Renewable Energy

  • They are most suited for regions that have a combination of predominantly sunny climate and large open spaces that can handle the 1,200-acre field of mirrors, called heliostats, needed to reflect the sun's energy to a 600-foot tower that houses the receiver for collecting the sun's energy.

    Solar Venture Will Draw on Molten Salt

  • In this case, flat tracking mirrors, called heliostats, concentrate the sun's energy onto a central receiver tower.

    3. Solar-thermal

  • For the Chevron "green steam" project, 7,644, 10-by-7-foot mirrors called heliostats were deployed in radiating arcs to face a 327-foot tower. News

  • Solar thermal projects deploy fields of mirrors called heliostats that focus the sun on liquid-filled boilers to create steam that drives an electricity-generating industrial turbine. News

  • Concentric rings of mirrors called heliostats - 170,000 of them - will encircle three 459-foot towers topped by water-filled boilers. News

  • Differing from standard photovoltaic arrays, the three-plant Ivanpah complex (poised to become the largest solar thermal development in the world) will consist of fields of mirrors, called heliostats, that concentrate sunlight on "power towers" (pictured above).


  • The plant uses 1,255 large movable mirrors called heliostats to track the movement of the sun, which focus the sun's rays back at a receiver mounted on the central tower.

    Google Sightseeing

  • The computer-guided mirrors - called heliostats - can track the sun and focus its rays on a boiler at the top of a - Articles related to 8 good reasons to buy an American vehicle


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