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  • n. Plural form of heller.


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  • The mileage subsidy was fixed at five hellers per ton, per hundred nautical miles run.

    Manual of Ship Subsidies

  • For a few hellers I bought the first anti-Semitic pamphlets of my life.

    Mein Kampf

  • Hella thinks it was the marzipan, for they were large ones at 20 hellers each because nuts lie heavy on the stomach.

    A Young Girl's Diary

  • I must have spent at least 7 crowns, for Father had given each of us 5 crowns before we started, and I still had a lot of my August pocket money left, and now I've got only 40 hellers.

    A Young Girl's Diary

  • Would the Excellency like a fine melon, for forty _hellers_ -- the only one left in all the day?

    The Secret Witness

  • -- I can see some o 'they hellers down there now, but they ain't so far west as we'm going, not by a long way.

    A Poor Man's House

  • "Hang it all, I've nothing here but pfennigs and hellers and centimes."

    The Husbands of Edith

  • When we were in the cab, and the cab-driver turned the disc so that the first sixty hellers were visible, I continued the jest.

    Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners

  • One bourgeoise party of fifteen refused to leave the plaza. until their return fares on the ferry barge were paid stoutly maintaining that they had come over in good faith and wouldn't leave until I had reimbursed them to the extent of fifty hellers apiece, ferry fare.

    A Fool and His Money

  • In the electorate of Hesse, there were _per capita_ 4 thalers, 18 sgrs., 9 hellers, metallic money, and 3 thalers, 9 sgrs., 4 hellers, paper-money.

    System der volkswirthschaft. English


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