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  • n. Plural form of hellhole.


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  • Holly Calada, buried in the mouths of those hellholes is bad enough but screaming sirens bouncing off tunnel walls can smack a defibrillator and most definitely panic could have edged a cardio, heaven forbid .....

    Driving at Night

  • As to softening of the wages due to capital's share how the H we get there from official language question? who do you think creates jobs? if entrepreneurs of this country wouldn't be rewarded for their risk taking, our economy will resemble one of the Latin American hellholes you admire so much. MADNESS.

  • Our generation recoiled at the depths of human cruelty -- we saw emaciated Jews liberated by our troops from Hitler's Belsen, and starved death-march survivors of Bataan emerging from incarceration in Japanese hellholes.

    The No-Name Generation

  • I beg to differ - on my list of "hellholes" in Mexico, Manzanillo comes a very very very long way from the top - Manzanillo may not be the nicest beach town in Mexico (there's an idea for a new thread) but is certainly an extremely long way from being the worst.

    Driving to Manzanillo from Lake Chapala

  • He skimmed the column and realized that he had gone to one of this “villain’s” so-called hellholes to spend a night, expecting to report a building infested with roaches, rats, and gunslinging crackheads.

    Sins of Two Fathers

  • Change Haitians where cast into the "hellholes" of Haiti prisons under a UN occupation since

    Pacific Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times - Progressive opinion, dissident news

  • Look, we´ve lived in very violent cities from Marseilles to Mobile to Oakland to San Francisco and worked in such U.S. hellholes as Manhattan in the 1970s.

    Safety in lakeside

  • Over time, two things became apparent: First, that conservative, upstate Senate districts were becoming as addicted to the jobs and money that come with prisons as any heroin junkie; second, that just about the worst way to deal with juvenile crime in New York City was to send young offenders to the dangerous hellholes that pass for juvenile facilities upstate.

    Elizabeth Dwoskin: How Gladys Carrión Became Public Enemy # 1 in Upstate New York

  • Until the PETCOs and PetSmarts of the world stop selling animals -- all of whom I'd bet come from hellholes like USGE, where profit is the only thing that counts and the welfare of animals mean nothing -- PETA will be pushing consumers to wake up and smell the iguana.

    How Much is that Kinkajou In the Window?

  • Now, you can rag on these exurbs as soulless hellholes all you want, but Willie Sutton robbed banks because that's where the money was and Karl Rove targeted exurbs because that's where the voters were -- and his money went further and accomplished more as a result.

    So Who's Telling Truth -- Karl Rove Or Ken Mehlman?


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