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  • n. A person who is of wild, wanton behavior.


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Probably referring to people bringing about a hell-like environment or stirring trouble. Coined in 1914.


  • The platinum blonde's first hit was a saucy R&B number about sex, and she was known as a hellraiser who had tempestuous relationships with her family, her men and the music industry.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Irish hellraiser Colin Farrell and Toni Collette – Emmy-winning star of the United States of Tara — are sinking their teeth into a remake of the 1985 cult flick Fright Night … ..

    Colin Farrell Janet Jackson Dating?

  • When the Hollywood hellraiser Errol Flynn shipped up in Jamaica, he brought with him a glittering host of stars.

    In search of Errol Flynn's Jamaica

  • Although this is Raylan's story, it's harder than ever to take your eyes of Walton Goggins' electrifying performance as Boyd Crowder, a former hellraiser trying to stick to the straight and narrow.

    5 Reasons You Should Watch Season 2 of Justified

  • The reformed ROLLING STONES hellraiser has described himself as a free...

    Ronnie Wood: 'I'm A Free Man'

  • The reformed ROLLING STONES hellraiser has described himself as a "free man" now the paperwork has been officially signed-off on their split.

    Ronnie Wood: 'I'm A Free Man'

  • You have the right to be a hellraiser, even a misguided one.

    Matthew Yglesias » Our Strange Constitution

  • INTERVIEW WITH HISTORY, Oriana Fallaci: I never made good on my teen fantasy of having an affair with the diminutive hellraiser, but I did the next best thing and spent a lot of quality time with this collection of interviews, in which Fallaci made Yasir Arafat, Henry Kissinger and the Shah of Iran (among others) deeply and profoundly regret the day they opened their doors to her.

    Fifteen books that given the way my life has turned out I probably shouldn't have read

  • The poetry of violent death spans hundreds of years, and some poets, such as the 14th-century French hellraiser François Villon, who killed a man in a fight, knew well of what they wrote.

    The ABCBs Of Murder

  • I've met Charlie Sheen a few times over the years -- and I must say that despite his enduring bad reputation as a troubled hellraiser, he's always seemed like a pretty nice man, man, man -- manly man, man -- to me.

    David Wild: "Winning": A Playlist for Charlie Sheen, "Rock Star From Mars"


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