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  • n. Plural form of helmsman.


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  • In contrast to both of these, Stephen, who drew on Biblical imagery more than on Christian doctrine, emphasized the equal importance of yin and yang, designating both husband and wife as "helmsmen" of the household.

    Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83

  • He knew I was there, for his big shoulder brushed my arm as he swayed and turned to warn the helmsmen in the one breath to hold her up to it but to keep her full.


  • As for himself, he took his stand beside the booby-hatch, where he could gauge the Elsinore, gaze to leeward, and keep his eye on the helmsmen.


  • I glanced at the mate, who had just released the wheel to the helmsmen.


  • That's been one of the key disappointments of the independent-movie era, or at least the portion that really clicked into place in 1989: that so many directors of the boldest films have since become the helmsmen for Hollywood product that has nothing to do with any kind of vision except for that of the marketer.

    Marshall Fine: The 10 Best Films of 2011

  • The poop was deserted, save for two helmsmen in streaming oilskins under the half-shelter of the open wheel-house.


  • Nearchus, however, went along the deck encouraging the men to remain firm and—in a move that must have struck the frightened sailors as sheer madness—ordered the helmsmen to turn their bows toward the whales in attack formation.

    Alexander the Great

  • Even though he must be fifty or sixty years old, even though he was one of the best helmsmen she had ever sailed with'mentally, he was still a child.

    Finnegan teoriza la practica de cuerdas

  • Sometimes the two helmsmen can sense when the engine is purring, so they stand stock still, admiringly, taking it all in.

    Donna Perlmutter: Doings at Disney Hall: A Tale of Two Orchestras

  • AS THE PIRATE ships drew near to Syracuse, capital of the Roman province of Sicily, the helmsmen took their bearings from the rays of sunlight reflected off the golden shield on the front of the temple of Athenathat is, if the corrupt Roman governor, Gaius Verres, hadnt already looted it.

    The Spartacus War


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