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  • v. To provide additional assistance

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  • v. be of help, as in a particular situation of need


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  •   But he left six lances of his troops behind to help out with their defense, and to build them some simple machines, mostly wheelbarrows, wind mills, and waterwheels, to help replace all of the slaves that they had lost.

    Lord Conrads Crusade

  • After I fought Ken Shamrock the first time, I decided to start up a Tito Ortiz Foundation to help out underprivileged and inner-city kids.

    This is Gonna Hurt

  • Recently, the American Girl doll company decided to help out Girls, Inc. by selling special bracelets and donating the proceeds to the organization - a gesture that seems both harmless and well-intentioned.

    Remarks of Senator Barack Obama at the National Womens Law Center

  • At the same time, his own coach happened to be looking for an assistant to help out in the rural towns above Rimouski, up in the Gaspésie.


  • An International Bank and an International Monetary Fund were to be established to act as guardians of the international flow of money; in place of the old dog-eat-dog world where each nation sought to undercut everyone else, there would be a new cooperative effort to help out a nation that found itself in monetary difficulties.

    The Worldly Philosophers

  • But the government decided that there was no need to let pesky rule-of-law considerations interfere with its plan to help out the unions and other favored creditors.

    The Real Cost of the Auto Bailouts

  • At his church back home there was a lot more talk about who was going to collect for the food pantry, who was going to volunteer to help out with games at Bible School.


  • He couldn't picture the public queuing up to help out on this one.

    It's October, 1956.

  • In the midst of the whirlwind of activity were the usual tasks of the Hale Kapa Kuiki, and Bonnie was pleased to see that the new teachers volunteered to help out however they were needed, once they realized how much work needed to be done.

    The Aloha Quilt

  • The book fair was a way for the women to raise money to travel and help out the less fortunate Red Hats.

    Red Hats


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