helpless-looking love



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  • Miss Marple looked gratefully at him, a charming helpless-looking old lady with, if he had chanced to notice it, very shrewd blue eyes.

    Twin Moons

  • The auction illustrates the enormous variety of the handmade glass market -- from the purely aesthetic to objects that make more of a statement, such as British artist David Reekie's "Mindless Technology" (2003), a group of four helpless-looking glass robots (estimate: £6,000-£7,000).

    Combining Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design

  • It's not clear exactly why we need to save the harp seals, apart from the fact that it seems like the right thing to do, which appears to be the case in large part because they have big, round eyes, and helpless-looking bodies.

    Ron Dembo: Not With a Buzz But a Whimper

  • In the powerful light of morning, under a turquoise-blue sky, she gazed at the helpless-looking station, railway lines, some standing trucks, and a remote lifelessness.

    The Plumed Serpent

  • Now though Medio Pollito was such an odd, helpless-looking little thing, his mother soon found that he was not at all willing to remain under her wing and protection.

    The Green Fairy Book

  • Kittens, Kellen discovered at that very moment, might be small and helpless-looking, but they had a very large number of very sharp claws.

    The Outstretched Shadow

  • Cleaning out latrines. most part, would start out chasing a helpless-looking old Nera looked up at Darkwind-it was hard for the diminutive hertasi to do anything other than "look up" at a human-his expressive eyes full of questions.

    Winds Of Fate

  • Two or three were blind, with the bandage only round their eyes, and it was strange to see the expression their hands took on -- workmen's hands with stubby fingers, now white and helpless-looking, and picking at the cover aimlessly.

    Trapped in 'Black Russia' Letters June-November 1915

  • "I gave you two dollars, and you only gave me change for one," cried a thin-faced, stoop-shouldered, helpless-looking fellow, who had just purchased a bottle of the "Balm of the Blessed Islands."

    The Redemption of David Corson

  • Her nose was an indeterminate snub, her chin delightfully round but retreating, falling away from a mouth like a baby's -- so fine in texture, so petal soft, so utterly helpless-looking, with its glint of two small square teeth.

    Secret Bread


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