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  • n. Plural form of helve.


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  • Having made this firm, and with room to grasp the handle of the largest one only — for the helves of the others were shorter — I smiled at Uncle Ben, and whirled the mighty implement round my head, just to try whether I could manage it.

    Lorna Doone

  • Beside it were several sledge-hammers, battered, and some with broken helves.

    Lorna Doone

  • I THEN gathered for myself staves, and stud-shafts, and crossbeams, and helves for each of the tools that I could work with; and bow-timbers and bolt-timbers for every work that I could perform—as many as I could carry of the comeliest trees.

    The Early Middle Ages 500-1000

  • For instance he sold the Antietam Iron Works gum, oak, and hickory suitable for making helves for the huge hammers used in its plant.

    Ferry Hill Plantation journal : January 4, 1838-January 15, 1839,

  • Negroe Peter called and paid for a stick of Timber for 2 forge Hammer helves $4.50 gave me a very suspicious looking note of the Lancaster

    Ferry Hill Plantation journal : January 4, 1838-January 15, 1839,

  • Firmly they grasped the axe-helves and swung the shining blades.

    Short Stories for English Courses

  • The same invention has been applied to other branches of manufacture, such as shoe-lasts, axe-helves, etc.; and Mr. Blanchard has successfully used it in multiplying copies of marble statuary with a degree of accuracy and beauty which is truly wonderful.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 12, No. 72, October, 1863

  • The weeders should be armed with the best steel hoes, with factory-made helves of ash, light and slightly flexible.

    The Peanut Plant Its Cultivation And Uses

  • Hairy ones had learned the use of fire, and of chipped crude stone implements -- mostly heavy triangular choppers to be used in the hand, without helves.


  • It fell to his lot to make the sleds, the stone-boats, the hay-rigging, the ax helves, the flails, to mend the cradles and rakes, to build the haystacks, and once, I remember, he rebuilt the churning machine.

    My Boyhood


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