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  • n. Plural form of hemagglutinin.


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  • The hemagglutinins are the factors that are supposed to engender antibodies to render you immune to influenza.

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  • In addition to the "jet-set" hemagglutinins, the vaccine also contains the enzyme neuraminidase.

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  • It follows then that the virus hemagglutinins in the vaccine also lose their antigenicity because of N-neuraminidase, and consequently those who are vaccinated cannot form antibodies against the hemagglutinins!

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  • Both hemagglutinins and neuraminidases are on the surface of the virus and end up as toxic molecules in the split virus, the subvirion.

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  • Studies on hemagglutinins present in seeds of some representatives of the family of Leguminoseae.

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  • And there are sixteen different types of H hemagglutinins and nine different types of neuraminidases.

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  • Skehel JJ, Wiley DC (2001) X-ray structures of H5 avian and H9 swine influenza virus hemagglutinins bound to avian and human receptor analogs.

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  • A pool of genes for secretion systems, pili formation, nonfimbrial adhesions, invasions and hemagglutinins, chondroitinases, hemolysins, iron scavenging systems as well as the incomplete flagellar biogenesis might feature its surface structures and pathogenesis in a fish body.

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  • The gene clusters for P pilus (pap genes), type 1 fimbriae (fim genes) as well as several genes for other nonfimbrial adhesins, invasins and hemagglutinins (

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