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  • n. A primitive mesodermal cell that is the precursor of endothelial cells, and of blood


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  • The Zambidis research team is primarily interested in creating a cell, called a hemangioblast, which is a precursor to all the cells of the blood system, like red and white blood cells, as well as to other cells in the circulatory system, including the endothelial cells that make up arteries and veins.


  • ACT published positive data in the journal NATURE Methods for its HG (hemangioblast) cell program for the treatment of blood and cardiovascular diseases.

    Barbara Walters' Television Special Highlights Role Advanced Cell Technology's Embryonic Stem Cells Breakthroughs

  • ("ACT"; OTCBB: ACTC), a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, announced today that it has been issued a patent ( patent number 8,017,393) for the Company's proprietary method for generating and expanding hemangioblast cells from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs).

  • The hemangioblast cells covered by the new patent are highly expandable and have been shown to consistently and reproducibly give rise to a multitude of cells of the hematopoietic (blood) and endothelial (vascular) lineages.

  • "This is the first U.S. patent on the commercial production of hemangioblast cells, and puts another important piece in place for protecting our hemangioblast program and establishing a firm intellectual property position around the therapeutic products we are developing," stated


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