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  • n. Partial fusion, or the first stage in full fusion


hemi- +‎ fusion (Wiktionary)


  • This lipid stalk is then believed to expand into a hemifusion diaphragm whose rupture would finally generate a fusion pore

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  • However, membrane perturbation by itself is not sufficient to complete the process of viral and cellular membrane fusion, since the energetic barrier for hemifusion and fusion is larger than for leakage (pore formation).

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  • Based on this model and on our results we propose that the fusion or hemifusion of the two bacterial membranes, rich in PG, are the real cause of the changes in permeability and leakage of bacteria content reported for rBPI

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  • Therefore, rBPI Fusion or hemifusion of membrane model systems promoted by rBPI LUV labeled with 0. 6% mol of RhB-PE and NBD-PE were mixed with unlabeled liposomes to a final proportion of 1: 4 and the energy transfer assay was evaluated in the presence of rBPI

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  • The peptide also promotes the fusion (or hemifusion) of membranes containing phosphatidylglycerol (POPG).

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