hemispherically love



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  • adv. In the way of a hemisphere.


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hemispherical +‎ -ly


  • These results Peterson et al 1999 confirm the conclusions of Jones et al. (1990) and Easterling et al. (1997) that urban effects on 20th century globally and hemispherically averaged land air temperature time-series do not exceed about 0.05°C over the period 1900 to 1990 (assumed here to represent one standard error in the assessed non-urban trends).

    Jones and the Great Leap Forward #2 « Climate Audit

  • And I'm wondering, as you head into the summit next week, if you think that there can be progress made hemispherically on these two issues?

    CNN Transcript Jan 8, 2004

  • This gives a more stable dome construction than hemispherically shaped domes.

    Chapter 11

  • The sensors indicate a mass of heavy ships ahead of us, dispersed hemispherically with the open end of the cup toward us, and our pursuers are now deploying to form the other half of the sphere.

    Spock Must Die

  • The eye-balls are nodules of iron-pyrites, cut hemispherically and highly polished, and are surrounded by circles of hard white shell, similar to that forming the teeth of the wooden mask.

    Anahuac : or, Mexico and the Mexicans, Ancient and Modern

  • I am not speaking sarcastically, my point is not a chauvinistic one, not even hemispherically prideful.

    Greener Than You Think

  • Similar effect, and maybe more hemispherically appropriate for you …


  • We now know that hemispherically catastrophic impact events occur on roughly millennial timescales, If it further is indicated that catastrophic and explosive hypervelocity impacts can and do occur, which then can evenly distribute millions of smallish hypersonic impactors over a very wide area (both hemispherically and regionally) on the order of tens of millennia, that is further cause for concern for the civilization and universe you reside in.


  • This double and hemispherically-symmetrical non-linearity in the BOLD response is thus doubly unlikely as an explanation for our reported effects.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Furthermore, in the presence of an attentionally-demanding RSVP task performed at central fixation, the BOLD responses elicited by large, high-contrast peripheral visual distractors in areas V1 to V4 in one hemisphere were unaffected by the presence of ipsilateral visual distractors, suggesting that 'surround suppression' does not operate inter-hemispherically

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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