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  • n. A disposal product formed from the digestion of blood by certain parasites.


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  • Normally, P. falciparum ties together the waste heme to form something called hemozoin, which is harmless.

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  • It strings some of it in a long, inert molecule called hemozoin.

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  • It looks at the whites of eyes or through fingernails for the presence of hemozoin, which is produced by the malaria parasite.

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  • Plasmodium species produce a crystal called hemozoin that is generated by detoxification of heme after hemoglobin degradation in infected red blood cells.

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  • It strings some of the molecules into harmless hemozoin; the rest it processes with enzymes until it can no longer react with the membrane.

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  • Hemophilus influenzae hemozoin hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin HPFH

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  • Figure 2 shows that PMN ADRB activity depends exclusively on merozoites, and not on possible contaminants present in merozoite preparations, including normal or parasitized RBC, lysed parasitized RBC (containing hemozoin, food vacuoles, membrane debris etc.), or on immune sera in the absence of merozoites.

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  • It is toxic to the parasite until it spontaneously aggregates into crystals known as hemozoin.

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  • "Our results describe the mechanism by which the hemozoin activates the immune system, resulting in the production of inflammation mediators and in the high fever that we witness in malaria patients," said study's first-author Dr. Marina Tiemi Shio, of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC). News Feed

  • In vivo, intraperitoneal injection of hemozoin results in acute peritonitis, which is impaired in Nalp3 -, caspase-1 - and IL-1R-deficient mice.

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