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  • Hung.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Middle English present and preterit of hang.


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From h + eng.


  • Loo's and P'heng's escape pods smash into an automated mining satellite, and P'heng dies in the crash, leaving Loo alone with a limited amount of time to get off the satellite before its life support system shuts down.

    Book Review: Little White Mouse, with Comments on Women in Comics

  • And if you were to kill him, if his blood was on the hands of Toma'heng'ar's craftson, it would be the same as though we had killed him.


  • "Which of you is the craftson of Toma'heng'ar?" she asked.


  • I bring you Kieranfoy, craftson of Toma'heng'ar, and his companion Saraken, who your people brought from the World Beyond at the request of the young warrior's master. "


  • We will see what the quinton'a say about Toma'heng'ar's thing of shadows that they have named Mal'ek'a, and you name Taliesin Re&air. "


  • "What Torna'heng'ar pursues is what the council have narned Maltek'a.


  • The Chinese word that best describes the party of princelings is heng brutal.

    China's Party of Princelings

  • Once such people assume political control, their attitudes reek of heng .

    China's Party of Princelings

  • Ko Chen-heng: Chinese warships sailed across what China conceives as the "first defense line" running from off Japan through Taiwan to Singapore once or twice a year in the latter half of 1990s.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • But North Korean authorities continue to live up to their reputation as being qiong heng -- "impoverished and truculent," as the Chinese put it.

    Uneasy Neighbors


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