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  • Pertaining to or characterized by henotheism.


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  • The single most common misconception about Hinduism is that it is a religion, rather than a family of different religions and that Hindus are polytheistic or henotheistic all gods together represent God.

    TEXAS FAITH: Misunderstanding (my) religion | RELIGION Blog |

  • The God of monotheism, pantheism or panentheism, or the supreme deity of henotheistic religions, may be conceived of in various degrees of abstraction.

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  • Early Christians were the atheists of their henotheistic society.

    Letters to the Magazine

  • At a very early period henotheistic theories had been favorably received in sacerdotal circles, and while crediting the god of their own temple with supremacy, the priests admitted that he might have a number of different personalities, under which he was worshiped simultaneously.

    The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism

  • It will be seen from this summary of Enki's creative activities, that the text from which it is taken is not a general Creation myth, but in all probability the introductory paragraph of a composition which celebrated the building or restoration of a particular temple; and the latter's foundation is represented, on henotheistic lines, as the main object of creation.

    Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew tradition

  • The religious ideas expressed in such compositions varied with time and place, but they show a general tendency toward a monolatrous or henotheistic point of view and toward higher ethical and spiritual feeling.

    Introduction to the History of Religions Handbooks on the History of Religions, Volume IV

  • Although most Hindus are polytheistic, some strains within Hinduism are monist, monotheistic, or henotheistic.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • It's a syncretic henotheistic/polytheistic religion from Haiti with influences from West African Vodun religion and Catholicism.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • Ancient Judaism, prior to the exile, was not a monotheistic religion but rather a henotheistic religion (henotheism focuses worship one God, generally viewed as supreme [at least to the worshipper] but without denying the existence of other gods).

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  • It is thought that the proto-Israelites were henotheistic, and some have suggested that they believed Yhw had been assigned as their protector god by El. Ba’al was resented by Yhw (h) because Ba’al was the favored son, and this rivalry lead to Ba’al becoming a god particularly opposed by Yahweh in Jewish mythology.



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