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  • n. Plural form of henry.


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  • XL VS FREQUENCY If the frequency of an AC source is given (in hertz) as f, and the inductance of a coil is speci fi ed (in units called henrys) as L, then the inductive reactance

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  • Inductive reactance = _L_ [omega] wherein _L_ is the inductance in henrys and [omega] is _2_ [pi] _n_, or twice 3.1416 times the frequency.

    Cyclopedia of Telephony & Telegraphy Vol. 1 A General Reference Work on Telephony, etc. etc.

  • George Osbourne a run for his money despite the hooray henrys who will attempt to shout him down in parliament.

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  • They have gone too far with their partisan demagoguery. henrys: Stories

  • Have you any idea what it's like to always be sold to the world as tea-sipping grouse-stalking hooray henrys permanently trapped in some hideous Wodehousian timewarp?

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  • Anthony Westbury: Anti-abortion pictures unlikely to have impact Resale at Stuart church offers cash for some parents, bargains for others henrys writes: Stories

  • Have an E-500, but recently purchased an E-520 14-42 kit from henrys for an amazing price.

    News: Digital Photography Review (

  • Loc: Far away from hooray henrys I now see that Standard Horizon's CP180i has a power consumption figure of 520mA max @ 12v, while Garmin's Gpsmap 550 has a figure of 15 watts max at 13.8 VDC. mA??

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  • Loc: Far away from hooray henrys A chat with another the other day brought up the idea of engine filters.

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  • Loc: Far away from hooray henrys I previously posted about the lack of cover available for a UK boat sitting in Latvia and liable to cruise north of 60N in Baltic.

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