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  • n. Plural form of heptagon.


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  • Origami can fold heptagons and nonagons relatively easily, although it meets its match with the 11-agon.


  • As we came closer, we realized that the quadrangular form included, at each of its corners, a heptagonal tower, five sides of which were visible on the outside-four of the eight sides, then, of the greater octagon producing four minor heptagons, which from the outside appeared as pentagons.

    The Name of the Rose

  • The heptagons, massive and solidly braced as they were, and anchored by tractor rays as well, shuddered and trembled throughout their mighty frames under the impact of fiercely driven pressor beams.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • Wave upon wave, flooding the heptagons, it dashed back and forth upon the heavy metal between the walls.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • In and almost filling the space, at least a mile in width, between the inner and the outer walls were huge, seven-sided structures -- featureless, squat, forbidding heptagons of dull green metal.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • In one of the lowermost heptagons, one bearing the full brunt of the hexan armament, Kromodeor reared upright as his projector controls went dead beneath his hands.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • For these heptagons were the monstrous flying fortresses which Czuv had occasionally seen from afar, as they went upon some unusual errand above the Jovian banks of mist, and which Brandon was soon to see in his visiray screen.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • In a lower compartment of one of these enormous heptagons Vortel Kromodeor, First Projector Officer, rested before a gigantic and complex instrument board.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • And swiftly, but calmly and methodically as at a Vorkulian practice drill, the heptagons were destroying the hexan fleet.

    Spacehounds of IPC

  • It was incredible, even after they had seen those heptagons in action, that at such extreme range any offensive beam could be driven with such unthinkable power -- power requiring for its neutralization almost the full output of the prodigious batteries of accumulators carried by the _Sirius_!

    Spacehounds of IPC


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