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  • Of a heraldic character; relating to heralds or heraldry.


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  • Not satisfied with posing Leo in every posture, and with all possible gestures, his master, the artist, wanted him to look "heraldical"; that is, like some of the mythical beasts that were combinations of any and all creatures having fins, fur, feathers, or scales, such as the dragon or griffin.

    Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks

  • Third is to keep heraldical lines clear- especially in the early small communities where genetically it paid to know who were brother and sister.

    "Wisconsin will accept gay marriage sooner than you might think."

  • Palace, or perhaps even earlier -- was cleared away, the brick sides revealed, the bottom of the moat neatly turfed over, and a parapet with shield-bearing heraldical beasts erected on either side.

    Hampton Court

  • On the left, or north side, is the buttressed wall of the Great Hall with above the pinnacles surmounted by the heraldical beasts already referred to; while on the right is a colonnade masking the Tudor buildings on that side -- Wolsey's own apartments -- in most incongruous fashion.

    Hampton Court

  • Here are to be seen the narrow, irregular side courts of the old Tudor buildings, and remnants of the past in old lead water pipes, and in the heraldical beasts along the roof of the Great Hall which are most effectively seen from the Master Carpenter's Court, through which we gain access to the cloisters and the ancient kitchens.

    Hampton Court

  • The similar banner-bearing heraldical beasts along the roof of the Great Hall look far better on the skyline -- but their fellows on the eyeline below mar the dignity of the approach considerably.

    Hampton Court

  • These heraldical beasts, it must be admitted -- whether a restoration in accordance with an old design or not -- tend to spoil the approach to the Great Gatehouse, for the whole would have gained in dignity had they been omitted and the plain low castellated wall remained unadorned.

    Hampton Court

  • Alderman, "the strange, whiskered heraldical monster depicted in the act of rising from the waves off the north-western coast, the equally impossible ship, decorated with a sprit-top-mast and a flag upon it, and charging up under full sail for the southern entry, the name of which (" Gow's Gulf ") I must have missed to read in the short perusal

    Poison Island


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