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  • adj. of, or relating to herbicides
  • adj. having the ability to damage or destroy plants, especially weeds


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  • The first imidazolinone was actually created later when Los was trying to reproduce a substance that had crystallized out of a solution of the original herbicidal agent prepared for testing on crops.

    Los, Marinus

  • Los discovered another class of herbicidal compounds that are not toxic to humans and animals — imidazolinones.

    Los, Marinus

  • In the early 1970s, while screening thousands of existing American Cyanamid chemicals for substances that would regulate plant growth, Los noted that one seemed to have herbicidal potential, so he made modifications in its molecular structure to enhance this capability.

    Los, Marinus

  • Franz tried a similar line of research for a year and finally hypothesized — falsely, as it turned out — that the weakly effective compounds were metabolized in the plant into herbicidal agents.

    Franz, John E.

  • Older and wiser now, I am well aware that our own country has committed many crimes, some on a scale approaching those of Germany and Japan: the near extermination of Native Americans, the mass, centuries-long enslavement and cultural and physical destruction of millions of African slaves, the use of nuclear bombs on civilian targets, the decade-long saturation bombing and herbicidal poisoning of most of Indochina …

    Obama, Seeing Darkness, Conjures Up the Mists of Time

  • Much effort have been made to eradicate Mimosa pigra since it first appeared in the Park in 1984, a full-time team of six staff being employed for this purpose alone, using manual and herbicidal techniques.

    Kakadu National Park, Australia

  • Considered one of the 10 worst weeds in the world, the Asia native has prompted states like Georgia to mount herbicidal campaigns, offering free spraying for landowners with infestations.

    Plant Invaders

  • It's a lot more labor intensive but about the only effective way to remedy this problem short of herbicidal tendencies. beuracracy

    madrigle Diary Entry

  • The presence of three kinds of herbicides in fluctuating concentrations was earlier this year confirmed by scientific research conducted by the Limpopo study group, which was established in 1994 to investigate herbicidal contamination on irrigation lands and the Limpopo River.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Force on Friday or early next week for damage caused by herbicidal contamination of irrigation lands in the Madimbo corridor on the

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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