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  • n. Plural form of heritability.


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  • After all, if everyone were raised in an identical environment, variations in their psychological characteristics couldn't possibly be accounted for by anything other than variations in their genes since there would be no variations in their developmental environments; the more variation in environments that twins in twin studies are exposed to, the lower the heritabilities we should expect to find.

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  • MZ correlations were approximately twice as large as DZ correlations for all four humor styles, and univariate behavioral genetic model fitting indicated that individual differences in all of them can be accounted for entirely by genetic and nonshared environmental factors, with heritabilities ranging from .34 to .49.

    Humor and Dreaming

  • He suspects that biologists, enamored of the new theory, were more likely to believe, and publish, findings of high heritabilities.

    The Science Wars

  • But after 1988, the heritabilities published in science journals suddenly shot up, to an average of 67 percent, finds Rauno Alatalo of the University of Jyvaskyla.

    The Science Wars

  • I'm not sure how they can claim autism to be the most highly genetic of all psychiatric disorders considering the well-documented heritabilities of both bi-polar disorder (which approaches the 1:2 inheritance of simple Mendelian dominance) and schizophrenia (a more complicated issue), but still, this article has a lot to offer in the way of hard nuts-and-bolts, cellular-level science-- a thing I've found lacking in many studies of autism.

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  • Recent findings have shown, that variation in total gray and white matter volume of the adult human brain is primarily (70-90%) genetically determined [Baare et al, 2001] and in a recent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain study with 45 monozygotic and 61 dizygotic 9-year-old twin-pairs, and their 87 full siblings also high heritabilities have been found [Peper et al, in preparation].

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  • From the rates of homosexuality observed in the monozygotic and dizygotic twins, ordinary siblings, and adoptive (adopted in) brothers and sisters of homosexual men (1, 2) and women (3, 4), overall heritabilities of 31 to 74 percent for males and 27 to 76 percent for females were estimated.

    The Science of Desire

  • Thrips palmi damage Materials and Methods and reproductive adaptation (RA) scores Broad sense heritabilities based on mean in three seasons in squares calculated for each season separately Plant Material and field trials.

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  • The estimated heritabilities for polygenic effects and for the first and second QTL were 19%, 17% and 21%, respectively.

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  • Detection of the second QTL in a model reduced the polygenic heritability and should improve accuracy of estimated heritabilities for both QTLs.

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