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  • adj. Of or pertaining to hermeneutics, the study or theory of the methodical interpretation of text, especially holy texts.

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  • Relating to hermeneutics; hermeneutic.


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From Ancient Greek ἐρμηνευτικός (ermeneutikos, "of or for interpreting"), from ἐρμηνευτής (ermeneutes, "an interpreter"), from ἑρμηνεύω (ermeneuo, "translate, interpret"); see hermeneutics.


  • The explanation that Jesus gives is not The Explanation for All Ages; it is what we could call a hermeneutical pattern, or an interpretative model.

    Parables do not save

  • For the most part these problems are hermeneutical, that is, the problems are grounded in the various ways that each discipline understands its particular work as the interpretation of its respective "data" (observation for science, revelation for theology, reason for philosophy; of course, reason is essential for all three).

    Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!

  • Both the New Testament course and a 20th Century British poetry seminar, which I'm also auditing (and Auden-ing), have employed the same academic buzzword: "hermeneutical," which loosely defined means the interpretation of texts.

    Walter Shapiro: Leaving Home Without It

  • I'll just add one more brief comment for the historical record: I ought to give credit to Larry for his correct judgment at the time that the "hermeneutical" turn that Don and many of us took in the late 80s was more of a mistake than a benefit to Austrian economics.

    Joe Salerno on The Austrian Movement - The Austrian Economists

  • This will inevitably require some deep "hermeneutical" work (theological and historical) that I think can be "saving" (inverting the negativity of Philocrites' early charge) the sense that it will be part of moving us beyond a contemporary UU myopia that is not only "presentist" but also geographic.

    Philocrites: The UU gospel according to Fausto.

  • Does anyone come to Scripture without some kind of hermeneutical center?

    dangerous idea

  • He was busy untangling the hermeneutical threads in the horseflies and wasps of Canto Three.

    Why Do You Hoard? Why Do You Squander?

  • You think sola scriptura offers up hermeneutical difficulties?!

    "Protestantism is dangerous. ..."

  • We have a long history of interpreting our Torah, redefining its meaning, and using very advanced and creative hermeneutical tools to either alter, or in some cases, downright change, what the original meaning seems to have been.

    Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater: The Torah, The Constitution, And The 4th Of July

  • "God of Liberty" doesn't follow the straightforward chronological pattern of classical history texts, nor does it adhere to clear thematic groupings or progression; Kidd's history of ideas is a hermeneutical, sometimes repetitious loop-de-loop, along the way connecting religious themes to the major figures and events of the Revolution and beyond, from Bunker Hill to Jefferson's presidency.

    Anil Mundra: 'God Of Liberty': The Role Of Religion In American Independence


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