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  • n. Hermetic philosophy; the body of doctrine contained in the Hermetic books; secret science; esoterism: a term popularly confounded with alchemy, and conceived to indicate the art of manipulating salt, sulphur, and mercury in some incomprehensible manner whereby the philosopher's stone might be produced.


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  • In this slowlight, as the hermetics of memory cast their animation on my lids, I see your mouth (such a mouth makes me ashamed to smile) but it is there, on the rug, smiling.

    THE BOOK OF SUCH ~ a suite of poems

  • Indeed, the hermetics symbolized a particular altered state—a kind of specialized trance—as a lady of dark complexion.53

    The Templar Revelation

  • He was also busy writing a commentary on the great work of Baudry le Rouge, Bishop of Noyon and Tournay, De Cupa Petrarum, which had inspired him with a violent taste for architecture, a love which had supplanted his passion for hermetics, of which, too, it was but a natural consequence, seeing that there is an intimate connection between hermetics and freemasonry.

    I. Gringoire Has Several Bright Ideas in Succession in the Rue des Bernardins. Book X

  • “I have studied hermetics, ” cried Coictier, “and I affirm——”71

    I. The Abbot of St.-Martin’s. Book V

  • “And I—I have studied medicine, astrology, and hermetics.

    I. The Abbot of St.-Martin’s. Book V

  • Following the favourite custom of the hermetics, the walls were inscribed with many legends of this description; some traced in ink, others engraved with a metal point; Gothic characters, Hebrew, Greek and Roman, pell-mell; inscribed at random, overlapping each other, the more recent effacing the earlier ones, and all interlacing and mingled like the branches of a thicket or the pikes in a mêlée.

    IV. Fate. Book VII

  • He interested himself in me, and I owe it to him that I am to-day a finished man of letters, being well versed in Latin, from Cicero’s ‘Offices’ to the ‘Mortuology’ of the Celestine Fathers, nor ignorant of scholastics, of poetics, of music, nor even of hermetics nor alchemy—that subtlety of subtleties.

    VII. A Wedding Night. Book II

  • The writings of Albertus Magnus, Arnaud de Villeneuve, and Raymond Lully were in the hands of the hermetics.


  • Only, most of the hermetics now deny medical and divine virtues to the famous stone.


  • One of the great academic works on the origins of Mormonism–it finds connections between Joseph Smith’s doctrines of exaltation and European 16th century hermetics.

    Marathon | Mind on Fire


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