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  • Seferiades, Giorgos Stylianou Pen name George Seferis. 1900-1971. Greek poet and diplomat whose poetic works are imbued with references to ancient Greek history and classical mythology. He won the 1963 Nobel Prize for literature.


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  • They say the drop in problematic drug users could also be attributed to heroin's declining popularity in Portugal and the rising popularity of cocaine and synthetic drugs among young people.

    At 10, Portugal's Drug Law Draws New Scrutiny

  • Though he may deny it if confronted by dvd girl, John McCain still lives by Sgt. Joe Friday's warning that, "Marijuana's the match, heroin's the fuse, LSD's the bomb."

    What this country needs besides a good five-cent cigar...

  • Most transformative memoirs involve a protagonist overcoming unimaginable adversity: The poor kid who pulls himself out of the ghetto to attend the Ivy League, the war refugee who survives against terrible odds, the junkie returned from the depths of heroin's grasp.

    Man Enough To Love 'Eat, Pray, Love'

  • Though I am well aware that she could end up in jail or the morgue as a result of her behaviors, I am also cognizant that incarceration is one of the few 'growth' industries of the past decade, that heroin's ready availability is directly connected to this nation's military incursions in Southwest Asia, that rational societies do not proscribe alcohol use among older teenagers.

    Strange Twists of Fate for a Father and Scribe

  • However, in the past few weeks, local news reports have started coming out about a rise in heroin overdoses, and local authorities are linking them directly to the decreasing availability of painkillers and heroin's cheaper price.

    Joshua Lyon: Recent Heroin Surge: A Major Threat

  • This morning in an in-depth interview, we're going to be taking a look at heroin's growing clutch on children.

    CNN Transcript Apr 13, 2009

  • Now, everyone from street kids to Yuppies "[feels] they're safe from AIDS, so they generalize to thinking that heroin's safe," says Dr. David R. Gastfriend of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

    Heroin Makes An Ominous Comeback

  • On campus: Counselors say drug-education programs concentrate too much on crack, neglecting heroin's dangers.

    Heroin Makes An Ominous Comeback

  • Most of heroin's dangers are more a consequence of its prohibition than the drug's distinctive properties.

    Let's End Drug Prohibition

  • "They claim heroin's the one thing that'll ease it, " said Dern.

    Villa Incognito


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