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  • v. Present participle of heroize.


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  • Mr. Caro has inoculated himself against the charge of "heroizing" Lyndon Johnson by writing two unforgiving previous volumes.

    Caro's L.B.J. Opus About Real Sumbitch Is Really a Beauty

  • Combining caution with a stretch of historical imagination, Strauss' depiction of the Trojan War yields a conflict shorn of the Iliad's heroizing but restored with historically plausible causes, chronologies, and conclusions. emphasis mine.

    Intelligently-Designed Narratives: Mythicism as History-Stopper

  • In response to the welcome George Bisharat piece on the tragedy of Gaza: The standard U.S. heroizing of whatever Israel does, and the demonizing of all resistance, is getting tedious.

    Israel's Move Into Gaza Provokes Strong Responses

  • So is the heroizing of simple cowboys, farmers, and miners in the western stories of writers like Bret Harte, the movies of John Ford, and the art of Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, M.ynard Dixon, and Thomas Hart Benton.

    American Pastoral

  • The story—though in some ways dated and at times very silly, especially when it comes to its uncritical reliance on rah-rah American ideology—is remarkable nonetheless for its heroizing portrayal of a father who abandons all sense of decency or moral duty mere seconds after he's realized the bombs have fallen, as well as for its brief but dark suggestion of rape and sexual slavery in the world after the apocalypse.

    Gerry Canavan

  • Only three weeks later Steve gave us ‚ÄúIron Bars and the Glas Jaw‚Äù, an attempt what might happen if a super-hero messes up his super-heroizing and has to face the consequences in a small-town jail cell and a county-sheriff who just wont stop lecturing him.

    EP027: Union Dues – Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw

  • Tragedy loves its self-heroizing females, but like the state whose concerns it so subtly enacted, it always found a way to get rid of those unmanageable "others."

    The Bad Boy of Athens

  • It was in the dusk of Death's fluttery wings that Tarwater thus crouched, and, like his remote forebear, the child-man, went to myth-making, and sun-heroizing, himself hero-maker and the hero in quest of the immemorable treasure difficult of attainment.

    Like Argus of the Ancient Times

  • U.S. allies also endorsed Karzai, but not to Washington’s heroizing extent.

    Magic and Mayhem

  • In this instance, the problem spotlighted by all the heroizing wasn’t a desperate and likely unrealistic hopefulness, but an equally self-deceiving catharsis.

    Magic and Mayhem


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