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  • n. Plural form of heronry.


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  • On humid pseudoglei sands the vegetation includes plantations of cork oak Quercus suber, which carry large heronries, with olive Olea europea, poplars Populus spp., fig with ash Ficario-Fraxinetum angustifoliae and vine with willow Viti-Salicetum atrocinerae communities.

    Doñana National Park, Spain

  • The marshes host four threatened bird species, one of the biggest heronries in the Mediterranean, more than 500,000 wintering waterfowl and millions of migrant birds.

    Doñana National Park, Spain

  • Sussex, says Mr. Borrer, author of _The Birds of Sussex_, has two other large heronries -- at Windmill Hill Place, near Hailsham, and Brede, near

    Highways & Byways in Sussex

  • Formerly, when these birds were valued for the amusement of hawking, many gentlemen had their heronries, and a few are still remaining.

    Types of Children's Literature

  • The beautiful snow-white lesser egret, which had been almost exterminated by the plume-hunters, flourishes by the thousand; the greater egret has been bothered so by the smaller one that it has retired before it; its heronries are now to be found mainly in other parts of the protected region.

    X. Bird Reserves at the Mouth of the Mississippi

  • Formerly, when these birds were valued for the amusement of hawking, many gentlemen had their _heronries_, and a few are still remaining.

    Children's Literature A Textbook of Sources for Teachers and Teacher-Training Classes

  • Hitherto I had seen only the familiar birds that we know at home, except for a stork here and there and more herons than one catches sight of in England save in the neighbourhood of one of our infrequent heronries.

    A Wanderer in Holland

  • Why are there no heronries in the English public parks?

    A Wanderer in Holland

  • I have heard of a number of heronries in South America that are protected by the land owners for the purpose of gathering a yearly crop of egret plumes, but this crop is gathered always by shooting a certain percentage of the birds.

    Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation

  • On the other hand, though the heron is the far more powerful bird of the two, heronries have likewise been scattered, and their trees appropriated, by rooks, probably in overwhelming numbers.

    Birds in the Calendar


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