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  • n. General name for amphibians and reptiles


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From Ancient Greek ἑρπετόν (herpeton, "reptile") + fauna


  • But strange things are happening: the diversity of our herpetofauna is being boosted by newly-appearing aliens, and some of our ‘long-established aliens’ are turning out to be genuine natives.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • "Lest the actual seeking out these animals sound daunting, consider this: these folks are the 'herpetofauna' of Kansas and they're willing to guide and educate curious but cautious fellow citizens in the appreciation of this much-maligned group of wildlife," the group said.

    Latest News -

  • A good example of why critical examination of stranger stories is necessary, here with a Kentucky man's confused perception of local herpetofauna, and how that affected his interpretation of events he witnessed.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • “Filling in this large vernal pool/wetland will result in the direct loss of 0.69 ha of amphibian breeding habitat, fragmentation of the habitat and the probable displacement of area-sensitive, pollution intolerant herpetofauna as well as other potential wildlife species,” the report states.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • El estatus de la conservación de la herpetofauna de Panamá.

    Isthmian-Pacific moist forests

  • The herpetofauna includes black-necked spitting cobra Naja nigricollis, African puff adder Bitis arietans, west African sand boa Eryx muelleri, sand viper Cerastes cerastes, desert monitor lizard Varanus griseus and various species of gecko.

    Aïr and Ténéré Natural Reserves, Niger

  • Over 300 bird, 76 mammal, and 50 herpetofauna species have been identified and some 25 fish species inhabit the Colorado River and its tributaries.

    Grand Canyon National Park, United States

  • Analisis de la distribución de la herpetofauna de México.

    Description of the Ecoregions of North America (CEC)

  • Examples of this can be seen in the diversity of herpetofauna on different islands within this ecoregion.


  • I just finished writing an article on those green lizards from Bournemouth and have lately been deeply immersed in literature on European herpetofauna.

    That’s no mystery carnivore (part II)… it’s a giant squirrel!


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