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  • n. a diehard enthusiast of heavy metal music.


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  • Kinda makes sense, I guess, since the word hesher might not translate overseas; however, as Chase pointed out, releasing it as Rebel in the States would definitely change the whole vibe of the film.

    Hesher Still Called Hesher | The Movie Blog

  • Tony Shadid has a marvelously complex piece about what Greil Marcus would call the lipstick traces of the U.S. occupation of Iraq: the Baghdad tattoo artist who modifies American styles; the hesher who improbably dreams of becoming a Texas "country boy"; the Iraqi soldier who now wears the kneepads and thigh holster of his American counterparts.

    I Hate The Way You Love | ATTACKERMAN

  • I am a nerdy, white, thirty-something hesher, and I loved “Thriller”.

    Happy 50th Birthday, Michael Jackson! |

  • The genre spent a decade consciously glamorizing and aggressively experiencing faceless sex and copious drug use; it will be interesting to see whether the hesher casualties now start piling up.

    Five Interesting Corpses

  • We started hanging out in the Safeway parking lot on thursday nights, car doors thrown open, stereos blasting, the dudes in hesher drag - bandanas, mesh, moustaches, camaro mullets - and the dolls in anklets and heels and halter-tops.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • One wonders why Mike Judge-after the success of King of the Hill, after addressing adult concerns in the realist drama Office Space and the acclaimed documentary Idiocracy hesher rehash.

    Slate Articles

  • Those guys found some scrapbook at a garage sale [with] a photo of this hesher dude and his girlfriend and he was grabbing her breast, and she was in a bikini.

    Seattle Weekly | Complete Issue

  • They're much heavier live than on record; they reminded me a bit of a sludgier hesher wickedness to them (A Minor Forest fans take note).

    Chicago Reader

  • It's not necessarily a usage violation to put up content about how to shoot a gun accurately, and so some fB-posted videos have come interspersed with clips from al-Qaeda propaganda-production shop as-Sahab or narrated by hesher-turned-terrorist

    Wired Top Stories

  • Ben Affleck's corporate hotshot deals with downsizing in this well-made if occasionally didactic feature debut from veteran TV superpower John Wells. hesher, sundance 2010, gordon-levitt Article Feed


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