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  • adj. Of or pertaining to heterarchy


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  • Another guy in the audience reasoned that folders are hierarchical but tags cross-reference (or are heterarchical as another blogger termed it).

    SXSW Notes: Beyond Folksonomies – Knitting Tag Clouds for Grandma « Innovation Cloud

  • Who's to say that each of these fights might not be won with a concentrated application of heterarchical web-power.

    Beyond Bashing Bush: Grassroots environmentalism and the prospect for a populist resurgence

  • This perhaps explains the heterarchical governance of Wikipedia that continues to function at significant scale.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Ross Mayfield on cornucopias of cooperation

  • It is a natural application of our increasingly P2P culture not to mention an inherently democratic and decentralized architecture that might/should lead thinking about mmo design away from the authoritarian, centralized and paranoid model it currently exclusively inhabits, toward a trust-based, heterarchical and cooperative model of development, creation, community management and administration...

    Innovation II

  • Alexander, who had views upon the East and was no stranger to the heterarchical party which, under the guidance of Prince Ypsilanti, prepared a revolution in Greece (which actually broke out) against the

    Germany from the Earliest Period Volume 4

  • Readers who wrote in also celebrated entrepreneurial work and heterarchical forms of social organization, promoted disembodied community as an achievable ideal, and suggested that techno-social systems could serve as sites of ecstatic communion.

    The Chicago Blog

  • If hierarchy is the power system of centralized systems, then heterarchical power is the power system of decentralized systems and Responsible Autonomy is the power system of distributed systems.

    P2P Foundation

  • I would define the 'benevolent dictator' as not even a primus inter pares, but as one of several heterarchical leaders of the community, who have risen to their positions through consistent constructive contribution and stand and fall with the quality of their further performance.

    P2P Foundation

  • Must be read to comprehend the brilliance and bravery of his suggestions and visions, but essentially Woods suggests building in and around the 'scabs' and 'scars' of the shattered city, not simply in order to preserve or record history, but to also mitigate against further violence by creating a new heterarchical form of urban organisation.


  • Dynamic change capabilities overcome routines install philosophy of constant change improve self-organization ability install continuous learning improve responsiveness to uncertainty and ambiguity Linking Open Innovation and Competences (7) Moving (1) ( to configurate trials, working in a new way, gaining trust and commitment) Effective organizational structures and processes Install heterarchical and ad-hoc structures Build cross-functional interfaces Provide enabling spaces Develop dedicated rewarding systems Enable decentralized decision making Cultural openess Open up borderlines, communication and mindsets Develop identification and institutionally based trust Install knowledge friendly organizational structures Set up participative structures Admit high level of fault tolerance Supportive technological enhancement Introduce techniques to enable adductive thinking Install interactive collaboration tools Improve ability to use (collaboration) software for web interaction and knowledge elicitation

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