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  • adj. Having a heterosexual bias or basis.


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hetero- + -centric


  • For comparison, "heterocentric," a feminist neologism feminist academics

    feminist blogs

  • So, something which is "heterocentric" is the result of two or more UNLIKE things that are drawn towards each other.


  • As soon as I see a line like that, what any of my Gender Studies 100 students would call heterocentric bullshit, I know that I "m dealing with someone who is a gender essentialist - someone who believes in binary gender, that women are always female and always feminine, too.


  • The emotion-phobic male heterocentric POV of much high fantasy sex is def. an issue.


  • As such, the movement's limitations in addressing same-sex domestic violence probably also stem at least in part from its reluctance to disrupt this powerful yet heterocentric analytical framework. 133 Ironically, as Barbara Hart has observed, lesbians have constituted much of the movement's leadership since its earliest days.

    'Trivial Complaints:' The Role of Privacy in Domestic Violence Law and Activism in the U.S.

  • Well, it was a rather dumb quiz, and heterocentric, but ... then again ... not so far off the mark.

    A Few Words for a Cold Saturday

  • Still, the venom spouted toward this man is yet another indication of the level of bigotry at work in the struggle of the extreme right to keep homosexuality closeted, dismissed and subjugated beneath the heel of a heterocentric world view.

    Dylan Brody: Love in the Age of H8

  • Me: No, that I do to the heterocentric theme from Top Gun: "Danger Zone."

    Question of the Day

  • There was a seminar yesterday where someone made an argument that was grounded in an extremely heterocentric worldview the actual statement is hilarious, but alas, I can't share it with you here.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Does his girlfriend/boyfriend non-heterocentric that's me read this blog or something and that's why you're posting his baby picture?

    If you could indulge me for a moment.


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