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  • n. Plural form of heterocycle.


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  • Most of her time is spent making colorful aromatic things, cursing at heterocycles and trying to graduate with her sanity (mostly) intact.

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  • And all sort of keto-heterocycles with conjugated exo alkenes make the list.

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  • The project involves the development of a unified route to bicyclic heterocycles, and applications of the heterocyclic products in further chemistry.

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  • New chapters include overviews of toxicology and pharmacology and a review on the preparation and reactivity of several tellurium heterocycles.

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  • It contains a valuable distillation and critical evaluation of the Best Synthetic Methods for the formation and reaction of thiophenes (five membered heterocycles containing a ring sulfur) or polymers containing a thiophene functionality (thienyls).

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  • To address this concern, a series of novel arylmethylidene heterocycles were synthesized, which included the most recent substance registered by CAS. - latest science and technology news stories

  • A thorough survey of synthetic methods, chemistry, and applications of major classes of fluorinated heterocycles

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  • With contributions from experts from both industry and academia, the book covers the chemistry, synthesis, and applications of fluorinated heterocycles with chapters on:

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  • Technical applications of fluorinated heterocycles

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  • Applications of fluorinated heterocycles in agricultural products

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