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  • n. The formation of a heterodimer


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  • They then tested pairs mutants for heterodimerization by SPOT assays.

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  • In the GABAB receptor, the GB1 subunit contains a C-terminal RXR (R) motif and the surface expression of the functional receptor requires heterodimerization of GB1 and GB2 subunits

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  • However, in primary human CD19+ B cells, which express both receptors in circulation, co-internalization, a hall mark of heptahelical receptor dimers, was not observed, suggesting that heterodimerization in primary cells is of minor relevance The perinatal lethality of mice with a deletion of Cxcr7

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  • An alternative regulation of CXCR4 activity by CXCR7 could be potential heterodimerization of the receptors.

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  • This disruption of heterodimerization allows the resulting monomers of p85 to interact with, and increase the nuclear translocation of, the spliced form of XBP-1 (XBP-1s).

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  • To verify that increased expression of PINK1 on the outer mitochondrial membrane is sufficient to induce Parkin recruitment, we used a regulated heterodimerization system

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  • L (1996) Controlling protein association and subcellular localization with a synthetic ligand that induces heterodimerization of proteins.

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  • Sanchez-Irizarry C, Carpenter AC, Weng AP, Pear WS, Aster JC, et al. (2004) Notch subunit heterodimerization and prevention of ligand-independent proteolytic activation depend, respectively, on a novel domain and the LNR repeats.

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  • Malecki MJ, Sanchez-Irizarry C, Mitchell JL, Histen G, Xu ML, et al. (2006) Leukemia-associated mutations within the NOTCH1 heterodimerization domain fall into at least two distinct mechanistic classes.

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  • The distribution of basic amino acid residues among the histone fold subunits essential for nuclear uptake suggests that heterodimerization of the histone fold motif-containing proteins forms an importin 13-specific binding platform.

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