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  • n. Plural form of heterodoxy.


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  • I think John Thune's explanation of Bob Corker's occasional heterodoxies is what they call a "Kinsley gaffe":

    The man who knew too much

  • The fact that Cornell, McClintic and Macy parade their sexual heterodoxies instead of hinting discreetly at them gives "The Grand Manner" an air of contrivance that lessens its believability.

    Buffalo Gal Comes Out in A.R. Gurney's New Play

  • But even at the time, they also have heterodoxies– law and order Scalia pushing for enforcement of procedural protections for criminal defendants or against flag burning laws; liberal lion Douglas opposing affirmative action.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Packing the Court by James MacGregor Burns:

  • I respect the heterodoxies of all three cities which defend the rights of other temples to their own practices and doctrines, and in truth I hope they win the day in all three cities; the result would be a federation of city-states, a Republic.


  • Similarly, as much as I might extol the libertine liberalism of New Sodom, maybe there's homodoxy hidden within the heterodoxies of its temples.


  • For a man whose heterodoxies have no doubt triggered GOP heartburn, John McCain delivered another speech yesterday on health care that offered a sophisticated set of policies that could lead to some of the most constructive changes to the system in decades.

    McCain's Progress

  • Both religions were patronized by the same kings, ministers, and merchants, many of whom indulged in the same Tantric heterodoxies.

    Kashmir: The Scarred and the Beautiful

  • Jinsai denied that Buddhist principles received any corroboration in any level of existence whatsoever, dismissing them as heterodoxies utterly lacking any basis in reality.

    Japanese Confucian Philosophy

  • Yet for all of his criticisms of Buddhism, Jinsai explained, in one of the appendices to his Gomô jigi, that the best way to refute Buddhism and heterodoxies generally was not by means of debate, but instead by manifesting the Confucian way of ethical engagement with the world in daily practical activities.

    Japanese Confucian Philosophy

  • On the left you would have a variety of thinkers that represented heterodoxies within the movement, but on the right you would have only highly orthodox conservatives that no one would question as being conservative.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Affirmative Action for Conservative Academics?


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