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  • n. Plural form of heterojunction.


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  • A combination of different monomers is also possible and may permit, for example, the creation of so called heterojunctions - interfaces between different types of graphene ribbons, such as ribbons with small and large band gaps - which could be used in solar cells or high frequency components.

    R&D Mag - News

  • This must have had an at least sub-conscious influence on me: when I later started thinking about heterojunctions in earnest, the question whether such things could actually exist as real devices had an obvious answer: Of course!

    Herbert Kroemer - Autobiography

  • As one of the elaborations, I looked at the interface between two different periodic potentials, which confronted me for the first time with what we would today call the band offsets at heterojunctions.

    Herbert Kroemer - Autobiography

  • There was another early encounter with heterojunctions while working under Sauter.

    Herbert Kroemer - Autobiography

  • Semiconductor heterojunctions were proposed as a way of increasing amplification and achieving higher frequencies and power.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2000 - Presentation Speech

  • Japan Science and Technology Agency (Tokyo) describe the rational design strategy using side-chain incompatibility of a covalently connected donor-acceptor (D-A) dyad to synthesize organic p/n heterojunctions with molecular-level precision.


  • R&D for better materials, designs, and manufacturing methods can also lower costs (reducing thickness of layers by light-trapping, or using bulk heterojunctions, or other more complex topologies of the p-n junction, to reduce recombination of electron-hole pairs; nanostructures to convert higher energy photons into multiple electron-hole pairs).


  • p/n heterojunctions from covalently connected D-A dyads.



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