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  • adv. In a heterologous manner


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  • Here we investigated the effect of heterologously overexpressed SH3 on the replication of different influenza A virus subtypes/strains, and on the phosphorylation of Akt in the virus-infected cells.

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  • Potassium channel membrane protein will be heterologously expressed, purified, and structurally analyzed by single particle cryo-electron microscopy, or by 2D crystallization and electron crystallography.

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  • To calculate average single - or double-cone sensitivities, peak spectral sensitivities for each opsin were weighted by the fraction of their expression in each cone type using the following equations: where fi is the relative expression and λ max values from heterologously expressed O. niloticus opsins (SWS1 = 360 nm, SWS2B = 425 nm, SWS2A = 456 nm, Rh2B = 472 nm, Rh2Aα+β = 523 nm [mean], and LWS = 560 nm) [63].

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  • Based on the λmax of heterologously expressed opsins from O. niloticus

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  • In full-length CaV1. 2, substitution of these same two divergent residues with those of CaV1. 1 (Y1657H, K1662M) eliminated calcium-dependent inactivation of the heterologously expressed channel.

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  • In human embryonic kidney-293 cells heterologously expressing the full-length 3'-UTR-P2X7 luciferase reporter, miR-186 and miR-150 inhibitors increased luciferase activity, whereas miR-186 and miR-150 mimics decreased luciferase activity after actinomycin D treatment.

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  • + channels encoded by the human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG). hERG channels were heterologously stably expressed in human embryonic kidney 293 cells, and the hERG K

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