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  • n. Plural form of heteromer.


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  • This all means that the heteromers are not some non-descript clumps of polypeptide; they possess all the functionality of other, more well-known gated ion channels.

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  • Dimerix claims that its technology is the only ligand-dependent cell-based assay system allowing rapid identification, profiling, and screening of GPCR heteromers.

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  • The company maintains that the technology has applications at various stages of the drug development process, including: identification of GPCR heteromers and discrete signaling pathways activated through them, profiling drug candidates for potential toxicity or other side effects believed to act through monomeric GPCRs, and screening compound libraries against a wide range of published and unpublished GPCR heteromers.

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  • The GPCR-HIT platform encompasses a library of novel GPCR heteromer targets along with screening/profiling capabilities and expertise in biased intracellular signaling mediated through GPCR heteromers.

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  • Moreover, the two isoforms can be coimmunoprecipitated from the neonatal brain, suggesting the presence of endogenous KCC2a-KCC2b heteromers.

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  • KCNQ2 homomers were the most sensitive to syntaxin 1A, both functionally and physically, whereas KCNQ2/3 heteromers were less receptive and KCNQ3 homomers were practically refractory to syntaxin 1A.

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