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  • Of unlike or opposite polarity: applied to contact of parts of the human body in experiments in animal magnetism: opposed to isonomic.


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  • It might have been equally persuasive if it had flubbed from a heteronomic perspective the whole schmiel.

    Review of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Six

  • If we assumed the exhaustive nature of the homonomic/heteronomic distinction, then the interaction principle would guarantee the heteronomicity of generalizations that include psychological predicates, and thus mental anomalism.

    Anomalous Monism

  • However, Davidson's homonomic/heteronomic framework would allow us to draw directly from this uncontroversial point the far more controversial and interesting doctrines of psychophysical anomalism and monism, with no required route through the anomalism principle.

    Anomalous Monism

  • And this means that we cannot assume the exhaustiveness of the homonomic/heteronomic distinction at the start.

    Anomalous Monism

  • But we have already observed that Davidson's own formulation of the homonomic/heteronomic distinction as exhaustive makes it difficult to see how the possibility of heterogeneously formulated strict laws could even be at issue, since they appear to be ruled out by definition.

    Anomalous Monism

  • To see this, notice first that, according to Davidson's actual formulation, neither homonomic nor heteronomic generalizations are strict.

    Anomalous Monism

  • Davidson is quite clear on this: the homonomic/heteronomic distinction is made

    Anomalous Monism

  • Clearly something has gone wrong, and the purported exhaustiveness of the homonomic/heteronomic distinction is the culprit.

    Anomalous Monism

  • Davidson's claim is that generalizations in which mental properties figure can only be heteronomic, not homonomic, and that therefore there can be no strict psychological or psychophysical laws.

    Anomalous Monism

  • Christian ethics is essentially heteronomic: it teaches that all law, even natural law, emanates from God.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman


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