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  • n. The view that all human beings are either male or female, both in sex and in gender, and that sexual and romantic thoughts and relations are normal only when between people of different sexes.
  • n. Discrimination against non-heteronormative individuals.
  • n. Situations wherein non-heteronormative individuals are ignored or presumed to not exist.


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  • Sev - but surely heteronormativity = basic human nature for the vast majority of hetero normal people hence the very name heteronormativity?

    Credit Crunch Britain : Cheques and Balances

  • Queer theorists have sought to demonstrate that a wide range of social institutions display heteronormativity, that is, the assumption of heterosexuality and of the gender difference that defines it, as a norm.

    Marriage and Domestic Partnership

  • Rather, it represents just one several ways in which the Govt sought to "de-sexualize" the Civil Partnership Act, and by extension de-sexualize same-sex relationships, in a way which, in my view, reflects a prevailing heteronormativity that is to say, it reflects, and also reinforces, the social and political forces that force us to conform to heterosexual norms.

    Useless Fact of the Day: No 94

  • Now any opposition to homosexual sex behavior is called heteronormativity, homophobia and transphobia.

    Planet Atheism

  • (The child_lit railings about whether it was a corrective or a confirmation of the Potter series '"heteronormativity" left me untouched; the only flag you need to fly is your own).

    Three Little Words

  • Otherwise, your take on "heteronormativity" and Swarthmore's attack thereon is spot on.

    Swarthmore, conquering heteronormativity with pornographic chalkings.

  • I was typing quickly–my son was calling; Curious-George-related homework–and therefore distractedly; I guess I jumped to the end of what I was thinking, which was that what you’re calling heteronormativity, in the case of talking about rape, ends up protecting men’s interests I know that you are talking about a broader range of interests when you talk about heteronormativity, but I was focusing on men.

    Link Farm and Open Thread #11

  • I'm e-mailing a guy right now I really want to meet who used the word "heteronormativity" in his profile ... aside from that, which almost never happens, more what I look for is ... you know the Bechdel Test for films?

    Center for American Progress Action Fund

  • Mary, by "heteronormativity", I don't * just* mean the idea that heterosexuality is normative.

    Modestly Yours

  • I'm half-inclined to think that this article is a parody of the theory of "heteronormativity" and claims of "discrimination", especially given that they earlier point out that "just because norms establish a majority, does not necessarily entail the persecution of minorities".]



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