heterosexualist love



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  • adj. In favour of heterosexual relations.
  • n. One who is in favour of heterosexual relations.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

heterosexual +‎ -ist


  • PS Not only 'heterosexualist' women have children.

    Just Say No (But Not To Me): Achieving Balance in Your Work

  • In one local authority not far from me a clinic wanted to change their air conditioning and a press campaign against that was led by (a) a closet gay man with a racey lifestyle and (b) a serial philandering heterosexualist.

    Abortion Figures Shame This Country

  • In all actuality, if you don't bring up sexuality/race, you let others define them for you and that only furthers racist and classist/heterosexualist ideals.

    Race politics and interpersonal relationships

  • My own high-usage bookmarks in my browser toolbar rather than in a menu include 25 heterosexualist bloggers, many of whom I read only rarely and who hold a kind of honorary status, and 26 queer ones I read religiously.

    and back to the source text… - emergency weblog; or: epersonae; or: elaine nelson

  • Especially for gay males, the most troubling group on earth for the heterosexualist male technology journalist.

    Boing Boing

  • Mr_Bill is a happy heterosexualist who cannot feel any threat from the inimate activities of homosexualists.

    Gay/Lesbian Forum

  • Not only are many of those you've included not really liberal at all, but you couldn't let the opportunity go by without engaging in some bullshit heterosexualist shots at Andrew Sullivan (who will be surprised to find out that his support for equality and contempt for Bush's many disasters make him a liberal, and not a conservative who is deeply embarrassed by the religious right and neocon-conglomerate that call themselves the conservative these days).

    Notes from Evil Bender


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