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  • n. Plural form of heterospecific.


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  • The response of the terrestrial slug Deroceras laeve to the mucus and air-borne odours of con- and heterospecifics Pulmonata: Agriolimacidae.

    Stressed slugs secrete scary slime

  • This follows from the results of a series of simple experiments carried out by Jordaens et al.1 that demonstrate that the slug Deroceras laeve responds to the mucus of other D. laeve (conspecifics) and other Deroceras species (heterospecifics).

    Stressed slugs secrete scary slime

  • The vertical axis shows mean time spent (and standard deviation) in each experimental area either with mucus of conspecifics (white bars) or without mucus (black bars in A & B) or with mucus of heterospecifics (black bars in C).

    Stressed slugs secrete scary slime

  • To us, humans might seem to show particularly high levels of morphological variation, but perhaps this perception is simply based on enhanced recognition of individual conspecifics relative to individual heterospecifics.

    Elites TV

  • botanists have known about allelopathy beteen heterospecifics for decades, at least.

    Altruism: Even Plants Can Do It - The Panda's Thumb


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