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  • n. Any structure made from a heterojunction


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  • Herbert Kroemer analysed theoretically the mobility of electrons and holes in heterostructure junctions.

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • At the time that we commenced our research on making the double heterostructure laser:

    Zhores I. Alferov - Banquet Speech

  • It was this problem that led directly to heterostructure ideas.

    Herbert Kroemer - Autobiography

  • M.B. Panish and I. Hayashi (Bell Telephone) as well as by H. Kressel (RCA) was different from that of ours since they offered to use in lasers a single p-AlGaAs-p-GaAs heterostructure, which made their approach rather limited.

    Zhores I. Alferov - Autobiography

  • Of utmost importance was, beyond doubts, the making of low threshold room temperature operating lasers on a double heterostructure (DHS) that had been suggested by us as far back as 1963.

    Zhores I. Alferov - Autobiography

  • Apart from fundamental results that were quite new and important efficient one-side injection, the "superinjection" effect, diagonal tunneling, electron and optical confinement in a double heterostructure (which in a short while became the main element in studying the low-dimensional electron gas in semiconductors), we succeeded in employing principal benefits of heterostructure applications in devices, i.e., lasers, LEDs, solar cells, dynistors and transistors.

    Zhores I. Alferov - Autobiography

  • Built in such a way that the atoms of each layer line up perfectly with those of the layer below, the nanowhiskers create an ideal heterostructure (composite material made from layers of different types of semiconductor).

    Honey, Who Shrank the Circuits?

  • Band offsets and chemical bonding: the basis for heterostructure applications, Herbert Kroemer, Physica Scripta, vol. T68, p. 10, 1996.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2000

  • Fig. 2: The laser diode of the CD player contains a semiconductor heterostructure.

    Information for the Public - The 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics

  • Alferov was the first to succeed in producing a lattice-adapted heterostructure (AlGaAs/GaAs, 1969) with clear borders between the layers.

    Information for the Public - The 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics


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