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  • adj. Of or pertaining to heterosis
  • adj. Describing a hybrid form of string theory (See Heterotic string on Wikipedia)


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  • Once established in a deme, a negatively heterotic one with a selective disadvantage for heterozygotes–DW gene arrangement can spread in homozygous form through a subdivided population by random local extinction and colonization.

    The Panda's Thumb: Arthur Hunt Archives

  • Hedrick and Levin 1984 suggested a mechanism that greatly increases the probability of fixation for negatively heterotic chromosome rearrangements during migration and colonization of other demes.

    The Panda's Thumb: Arthur Hunt Archives

  • There are types I and II strings of subtype A and B and the closed heterotic string.

    Einstein Still Rules, Says Fermi Telescope Team | Universe Today

  • This presumably requires physics which appeals to the heterotic group E_8, or in string theory the complexified CE_8 = E_8xE_8, which is a model of the heterotic string.

    What’s the (Dark) Matter?

  • But we know, for instance, that in the heterotic example I discussed above, the string threshold corrections are expressed in terms of the Dedekind function in terms of the moduli which has nothing to do with N = 1 D = 4 SUGRA couplings.

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate

  • In the early 1980's, I began to work on string theory again and in 1984, together with a group of younger collaborators, discovered the heterotic string, which at the time seemed to offer the possibility of explaining the

    David J. Gross - Autobiography

  • Another example is the appearance of the largest exceptional lie group, E8, as the gauge group of heterotic superstring theory.

    Mathematical landscape

  • Apart from the fact that instead of one there are five different, healthy theories of strings three superstrings and two heterotic strings there was another difficulty in studying these theories: we did not have tools to explore the theory over all possible values of the parameters in the theory.

    Intelligent Design and String Theory - The Panda's Thumb

  • In some other limits, it looks like weakly-coupled E8×E8 heterotic string theory.

    Our First Guest Blogger - Lawrence Krauss

  • Such non-perturbative connections between open and closed strings were discovered in this context a long time before the terms “open-closed transition”, or “open-closed duality” was invented, so people in the field point to other more recent examples as the prototype, such as here and even the heterotic/type I example in here.

    News From The Front, III


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