heterotrimeric love


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  • adj. Containing three different subunits.


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  • Like the other decoy receptors for chemokines CXCR7 does not activate heterotrimeric G-proteins, a compulsory step for typical signal transduction of heptahelical receptors

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  • Ghrelin stimulation of GHS-R1a results in activation of heterotrimeric G proteins followed by receptor phosphorylation that leads to the β-arrestin recruitment, which then sterically interdicts further coupling to G proteins and targets the receptor for internalization

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  • Binding of an extracellular ligand to its receptor alters the conformation of the associated heterotrimeric G protein (shown in orange and yellow in Figure 1), causing dissociation of the Ga and GbY subunits and initiating a cascade of cellular events.

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  • Straight SW, Kaech SM, de Taddeo-Borg M, Kroon DE, et al. (1998) Identification of an evolutionarily conserved heterotrimeric protein complex involved in protein targeting.

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  • The heterotrimeric influenza virus polymerase, containing the PA, PB1 and PB2 proteins, catalyses viral RNA replication and transcription in the nucleus of infected cells.

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  • After cloning the polymerase genes from both H5N1 strains, we expressed and partially purified recombinant, heterotrimeric (PB1, PB2 and PA) polymerase in 293T cells.

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  • Deng T, Sharps JL, Brownlee GG (2006) Role of the influenza virus heterotrimeric RNA polymerase complex in the initiation of replication.

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  • Since the heterotrimeric Goalpha subunit is expressed in Drosophila olfactory receptor neurons, we reasoned that Go acts together with insect odorant receptor cation channels to mediate odor-induced physiological responses.

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  • The full specific activity towards a certain substrate of PP-2A core enzyme is achieved through binding of a variable regulatory subunit to form the heterotrimeric holoenzyme

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  • PP-2A exists as either a heterodimeric core enzyme including the scaffold A subunit and catalytic C subunit, or a heterotrimeric holoenzyme consisting of the core enzyme plus one of the regulatory B subunits, thus providing temporal and spatial specificity of PP-2A activity within tissue cells of different organisms.

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